SHREEJI BUILDER Inc. is a leading construction Company located in Chicago. We specialize in premium construction services without you worrying about the cost so whether it's a serene residential abode or a swanky commercial property design, we have it all for you.

We offer you simple and cost effective construction solutions matching your vibe. At every step, we will be assisting you at for selecting what best suit you so you don't have to worry about budget and design. We assure you the best service because of through attention to our operations like logistics and resource planning, project administration, project scheduling, supervision, and quality control management. As soon as we clear a few queries from our side about your needs, we work with such a professional level that we can handle the entire development process for you. Even the most complex projects at a multiple levels can be taken care of easily by our trusted employee asset force.

We believe in the concept of sustainability and work closely with environment firms; also, the legal aspects are taken care of as we take into account the local, state and federal agencies to accomplish our objectives. Our 360-degree approach takes care of every process involved at the same time giving you steady and orderly development details and being transparent throughout thereby facilitating a free flow of communication both ways.

We offer a range of services which include:


The first step to transformation is considered to be the most important and SHREEJI BUILDER Inc., makes sure you take it right to make your foundation rock solid. We plan the intensity, time, and level of service required at your property by knowing the inside out customizations required as per your needs. Our involvement from the inception stage gives us the freedom to prioritize the job and you get the benefit of budgeted, structured and satisfactory outcome.

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General Contracting

SHREEJI BUILDER Inc., offers the best quality construction services in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan and Iowa. We give you a structured and systemized construction development, that too, on time and within your given expense bracket. At SHREEJI BUILDER Inc., our expert in house team monitors the project closely and based on that selects the most appropriate and qualified subcontractors for the work at hand.

We make sure every job is well detailed and done in a hierarchical manner thus making sure nothing goes wrong. The error rate we are exposed to is minimal.

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Construction Management

Being a prime player in the construction industry doesn't completely suffice our objectives, what is also necessary is the management of the same. Thus we can proudly say that SHREEJI BUILDER Inc., takes great efforts to make sure that your project is on the planned track as decided. At all stages from design, bidding to construction, we make it a point to keep your interest foremost.

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Design Build

SHREEJI BUILDER Inc., is master in designing and architecture work. Which is made possible through the synergy of our experience, architectural knowledge and determination to CREATE. We have a team of champion designers who lay the foundation for construction with their appropriate designs customized for each project. The design stage has such a high gravity of importance that it sets the stage for the next processes; and as such it must be solid. Along with it we make sure that your demands are satisfied within the given cost budget in which you are comfortable, thereby creating a 'Value', which in turn is our bottom-line.

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Commercial Renovation

We believe in taking projects from concept to completion. We tend to provide various demographics with all kinds of commercial renovations. Service on commercial renovations entail general contracting, design, planning, construction drawings, commercial tenant improvements, and office renovations.

We understand that work well-done plays to be an important factor in commercial renovation, as it is all about your work environment, reflecting your image among your customers and employees. You can undoubtedly count on our teams.

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Hospitality Construction

More to just having appealing looks, a hospitality sector should be designed to be seamlessly functional. And this is where we edges over the others. This sector continually strives to have a superior design along with the appealing appearance and making the usage of confined space in the best optimum way possible giving it a more spacious feel.

We aid you to select a team which effectively and efficiently plans, works for you that too as per your budget availability and keeping your interests in mind making sure the function suits your design such that your service potential steps up thus providing you with the services beyond comparison.

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Healthcare Conctruction

In the complex world of healthcare, SHREEJI BUILDER Inc., sets its foundation on the fundamentals of experience, teamwork, communication and genuine care. We recognized industry specialists understand the unique needs and applications of the sophisticated systems that are the lifeline of healthcare facilities. Our team believes in closely tracking the industry's ever-changing regulatory requirements and continuously sharpening their skills to perfection, keeping abreast of the latest standards, systems, and interfaces-building a solid groundwork for quality care and hospital construction.

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Restaurant Construction

Planning your new restaurant, a restaurant renovation or looking for a devoted team to locate, design and build your project? SHREEJI BUILDER Inc., is the platform to your restaurant needs! Our goal is to ensure the highest quality construction and outcome. There are many steps that need to be taken into consideration when building a restaurant. Our restaurant construction project management team will help with each one. Whether it is about finding a location to create the design or all the way from construction to completion, we are the professionals you need.

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Gas Station Construction

Shreeji builder has extensive experience serving as the General Contractor for the construction of gas stations. We are experienced in the petroleum-related construction business, and is recognized and respected as a leader in this industry. We are able to deliver full turn-key services for the construction of gas stations.

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